Apple used a chip to block third-party screen replacement, but it has been cracked by Huaqiangbei

After many people buy an iPhone, the first thing to do is to protect the phone with a full-width weapon, first stick a film, and then wear a case, so that the phone is under heavy protection.

Why protect your phone so much? Of course, it is to avoid the phone from being broken. After all, it is not cheap to replace the iPhone screen. As shown in the figure below, the iPhone 13 needs to be replaced, starting at 1,699 yuan, and like the iPhone 13 PM, it will cost 2,559 yuan.

Also because Apple’s official screen replacement is too expensive, third-party screen replacement is very popular and the price is much cheaper. But on the iPhone 13, it is troublesome for third parties to change the screen.

After the iPhone 13 series was released, some professionals tested it. If the third-party screen is replaced, FaceID will not work and will be completely ineffective.

And why this is so, this is because Apple has made a small chip alone this time, and this small chip is paired with the screen, and the screen information is written into this chip, which is matched one by one.

Once the chip detects that the screen is not the original screen, FaceID will fail. Only through Apple’s after-sales professional software, Apple Services Toolkit 2, can the chip be accessed and the information in the chip can be modified.

This means that if your iPhone 13 screen is broken, FaceID can only work normally through the official after-sales screen replacement, because the official has the right to write the new screen information into this chip.

But the good news is that there are media reports that Huaqiangbei has actually cracked the chip. The method is to physically move the soldered chip from the original screen to the replacement screen, similar to the original iPhone to expand the storage space, so that the chip mistakenly thinks that there is no Replace the screen, or the old screen.

But this method is more troublesome, and ordinary small repair shops may not be able to replace the screen, because this kind of micro welding not only requires tens of thousands of equipment, but also very fine operation, which requires repeated practice to be able to operate skillfully.

In the past, it was a very simple matter to replace the screen, and it could be repaired by ordinary shops, and even by individuals with strong hands-on ability, but now it is not possible. Apple’s move is obviously to make more money after sales, which is really disgusting.

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