ARIES starts volume production of the M100PFS SoM

ARIES starts volume production of the M100PFS SoM

ARIES starts volume production of the M100PFS SoM

ARIES Embedded, a specialist in embedded services and products, has announced that it has started volume production of the M100PFS System-on-module (SoM).

The platform is based on Microchip’s PolarFire system-on-chip (SoC) FPGA family, delivering a high-performance 64-bit RISC-V quad-core processor subsystem with low-power FPGA technology.

“The M100PFS is now fully available and we have already supplied the first customer projects with it,” explained Andreas Widder, Managing Director of ARIES Embedded. “In addition to general availability, we have added significantly to the range of functions. The module features its IP reference design, a customised zero-stage bootloader, U-Boot as a generic bootloader, Linux with Yocto support, and Hart Software Services (HSS).”

The module is intended for applications such as safety-related systems and artificial intelligence, where a high-performance, secure and energy-efficient computer architecture is to be combined with an FPGA. Its wide range includes applications such as smart embedded vision, industrial automation with robotics, telecommunications and industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

The Polarfire RISC-V quad-core SoC has an additional core for control and monitoring tasks. A range of special services run on this E51 monitor core with Hart Software Services, offering many options for configuration and ensuring reliability in operation. For example, the RISC-V cores can be used with different operating systems or bare-metal making it possible to implement advanced real-time or security requirements for an embedded system.

In addition to the SoM, ARIES Embedded is also offering the M100PFSEVP evaluation board to support FPGA SoC design. The baseboard can be extended via Pmod connectors or an HSMC port and can be used for the fast realisation of prototyping.

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