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BIWIN invites you to the CSPT 2020 China Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Technology and Market Annual Conference

Relying on specialized semiconductor memory packaging and testing manufacturing, BIWIN has gradually developed characteristic advanced packaging and testing services represented by SiP, covering storage (industrial memory chips, embedded memory chips, etc.), communications (radio frequency chips), wireless Advanced packaging and testing services in the fields of interconnection (NB-IOT, wireless wide-area communication, in-vehicle IoT, etc.), intelligent application processors (artificial intelligence chips, mobile phone and tablet CPU, network set-top boxes, etc.).

The 18th China Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Technology and Market Annual Conference (CSPT 2020) will be held in Tianshui, Gansu Province from November 8 to 10. This annual conference is the most influential professional seminar covering the entire semiconductor packaging and testing industry. one. As one of the few companies in China that has the capabilities of semiconductor memory design and development and SiP advanced packaging and testing services, BIWIN will bring the “memory packaging and testing + SiP packaging and testing” solution to CSPT 2020.

At present, the domestic semiconductor market is facing the historical opportunity of the transfer of the global semiconductor industry and the strong support of the state: the production capacity of upstream integrated circuit fabs is continuously released, but the supporting advanced packaging and testing enterprises are relatively scarce. At the same time, SiP packaging and testing is the realization of intelligent It is an important means of miniaturization and high integration of terminal equipment, and the market prospect is broad. BIWIN will give full play to its own advantages and take Huizhou BIWIN Technology Park, a key IC project in Guangdong Province as an opportunity to meet the advanced packaging and testing needs of upstream wafer fabs and smart terminal application markets, and is committed to becoming an advanced packaging and testing industry in South China. benchmark company.

As early as 2009, BIWIN has established a complete packaging and testing factory, equipped with industry-leading IC packaging and testing equipment, and has a first-class IC packaging and testing technical team. The core indicators such as product yield rate have reached the first-class level in the industry and the international leading level, and have achieved good market response. The production line of Huizhou Baiwei Science and Technology Park, which is about to be put into production, adopts advanced Industry 4.0 MES intelligent manufacturing system and 100% automation equipment, which can realize visual material management and fully ensure customers’ requirements for product consistency.

BIWIN’s characteristic advanced packaging and testing services mainly include two major business directions, namely semiconductor memory packaging and testing and SiP packaging and testing. For more than 20 years, BIWIN has specialized in the innovative R&D, packaging, testing and manufacturing of semiconductor memory, and has laid out a matrix of storage product lines with full series, full capacity, and full scene applications, covering standardized and large-scale general-purpose memories and “thousand-end thousands of products”. “face-to-face” industry customized solutions, and finally achieve one-stop delivery from client demand development to final product mass production; BIWIN’s SiP advanced packaging and testing services, as a post-Moore chip with small size and high integration , low-cost and more flexible packaging solutions will occupy an important position in the wave of the 5G era. BIWIN follows the trend and provides customers with: packaging design, packaging simulation, lead frame packaging, substrate packaging and functional testing, etc. Station-type featured advanced packaging and testing services, enabling smart terminal products to be small and beautiful.

Finally, BIWIN sincerely welcomes new and old customers to the annual packaging and testing conference, welcome to booth A28, witness the power of China’s memory chips, and talk about the new future of “Fengjing”!


BIWIN focuses on providing customers with high-quality storage products and is committed to becoming a first-class storage solution provider in the industry. BIWIN has been focusing on the storage field for 25 years, which has created BIWIN’s stable upstream resource integration capabilities, industry-leading storage algorithm and firmware development capabilities, excellent hardware design capabilities, strong testing capabilities and advanced packaging and manufacturing capabilities with SiP as the core. 5 big advantages. Provide customers with eMMC, eMCP, UFS, LPDDR, ePOP, SPI NAND, uMCP, BGA SSD and a full range of 2.5″, U.2, M.2, DOM, AIC PCIe, special SSD, mobile SSD, memory modules, etc. Storage products, and according to the diversified storage needs of customers, provide products with high reliability, high performance, small size, power failure protection, encryption support, write protection, wide temperature operation, safe deletion and other characteristics.

BIWIN is committed to providing high-quality storage products and services for the vast number of complete machine manufacturers, brand owners, industrial control and consumer markets, and provides customers with products covering games and entertainment, rail transit, network security, industrial automation, mobile phones and tablets, and Netcom products. A full range of storage application solutions.

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