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China Mobile Dong Xin: Over 390,000 5G base stations have been opened to achieve coverage in some key towns next year

Sina Technology News on the afternoon of December 13th, the China Productivity Society recently held a symposium on the 40th anniversary of the founding of the society. General Manager Dong Xin of China Mobile made a speech entitled “Promoting New Infrastructure and Empowering Digitalization”.

Dong Xin said that China Mobile will strive to fulfill the three responsibilities of a central enterprise, adhere to innovation-driven development, actively exert its influence in the field of global communications, and cooperate with all parties in the industry to promote the rapid development of 5G in my country. Pursue technological leadership: Led 71 key 5G international standard projects and over 2,000 5G patents, ranking among the top global telecommunications companies, enhancing my country’s international voice in the 5G field.

Pursue network leadership: More than 390,000 5G base stations have been built and opened, providing 5G services to all prefecture-level cities and some key counties across the country, and the number of 5G terminals on the network exceeds 90 million.

Pursue application leadership: Launched more than 50 featured businesses, focused on key industries such as industry, energy, transportation, medical care, and education, and created more than 2,100 demonstration projects.

Dong Xin pointed out that digitalization is the new productivity. With the construction and development of 5G network entering the “fast lane”, the new generation of information technology represented by 5G is accelerating its integration with various fields of economy and society, accelerating the digital transformation of economy and society and the development of productivity, showing “five verticals and three horizontals” characteristic trend.

The “five verticals” are the digitization of infrastructure, social governance, production methods, work methods, and lifestyles. These five typical scenarios represent the future development direction of new infrastructure, new business formats, and new consumption. “Three horizontals” are online, intelligent, and cloud-based. These three common needs will drive the rapid growth of connection scale, the release of value from massive data, and the “full cloud” of information applications, which will drive the substantial growth of the total economic volume and the further development of productivity. . It can be said that 5G will gradually become the main artery of social information flow, the accelerator of industrial transformation and upgrading, and the new cornerstone of digital society construction.

Dong Xin said that China Mobile will deeply implement the “5G+” plan, accelerate the integration of information services into all industries, serve the public, and promote 5G technology clusters to become the core force of the next round of productivity revolution. Promote “new infrastructure”: Continue to increase the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G, data centers, and industrial Internet, improve the “3+3+X” data center layout, and deepen the integrated development of cloud network, cloud data, cloud intelligence, and cloud edge, 2021 Achieve continuous coverage of 5G networks in counties, cities, urban areas, and some key towns and towns across the country. Empowering “digitalization”: Facing thousands of industries, giving full play to the unique advantages of 5G, building digital factories, promoting flexible production, promoting the digital, networked, and intelligent transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and accelerating the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy. For the general public, promote 5G news, He Caiyun and other special applications, so that people can enjoy the 5G smart and beautiful new life. Build a “circle of friends”: give full play to the “parallel effect”, build a new type of cooperation ecology, and in common development, jointly serve the society and share the dividends of transformation.

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