China’s chip manufacturing industry is in full bloom, and two more companies are emerging

The recent listing of SMIC, the largest chip foundry company in mainland China, has aroused the attention of investment institutions to China’s chip manufacturing industry. TSMC hired 100 employees at double the salary, so China’s chip manufacturing will enter an era of blooming flowers.

China’s chip manufacturing industry is in full bloom, and two more companies are emerging

The two chip foundries that have attracted the attention of the industry this time are Wuhan Hongxin and Jinan Quanxin. The former was established in 2017 and the latter was established in 2019. It is worth noting that the heads of both companies are from TSMC. Jiang Shangyi, the CEO of Wuhan Hongxin, is the former joint COO of TSMC, and the general manager of Jinan Quanxin is an important talent who followed Liang Mengsong to join Samsung.

It is reported that Wuhan Hongxin and Jinan Quanxin have recruited more than 50 former employees from TSMC, ranging from technical engineers to senior management talents. These two companies recruited these talents to plan to develop 12/14nm FinFET technology, which is the most advanced technology in mainland China. Advanced process technology.

China’s chip manufacturing industry is in full bloom, and two more companies are emerging

Since Huawei was unable to OEM for TSMC due to well-known reasons, China’s chip manufacturing began to attract widespread attention, and then SMIC’s listing raised tens of billions of funds and a market value of hundreds of billions, which highlights the height of the mainland capital market for chip manufacturing. Recognition, from this chip manufacturing began to become the sweet pastry of capital.

After China surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest manufacturing country in 2010, China launched a strategic plan to upgrade its manufacturing industry. In 2014, China established the first phase of the integrated circuit industry fund to further promote the development of the chip industry. The chip industry is so valued by China , mainly because chips have always been seen as food for industry.

As a result, there has been a boom in promoting the development of the chip industry. This time, both Wuhan and Jinan are promoting the establishment of chip manufacturing enterprises. No doubt they hope to occupy a place in the chip industry, thereby promoting the upgrading of the manufacturing industry in the two places. At the same time, in terms of innovative technology Master the right to speak.

As the world’s largest chip market, China’s purchased chips account for nearly 50% of the global market. Such a huge market can fully accommodate multiple chip manufacturers, and the existence of these chip manufacturers is also conducive to competition among them. , in order to catch up with TSMC in chip manufacturing as soon as possible.

In recent years, China’s high-tech industry has continued to make progress, ranking first in the world in the LCD panel market, and breaking the monopoly of South Korea, Japan, and the United States in the memory chip market. Manufacturing will also catch up with global leaders.

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