December 14! OPPO will soon launch its self-developed domestic chip, or it will lead Xiaomi and vivo!

During this period of time, domestic manufacturers seem to understand that only self-development is the core way. Therefore, under such influence, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers have carried out layouts on self-developed chips.

Among them, Xiaomi released the self-developed ISP imaging chip Surging C1. And vivo also released its self-developed imaging chip V1.

While Xiaomi and vivo have successively launched self-developed chips, OPPO also has news about the layout of self-developed chips on the Internet. And it is not the same as Xiaomi and Vivo. According to previous reports from foreign media, OPPO is developing mobile chips for its high-end mobile phones, and will cooperate with TSMC to use TSMC’s 3nm process. It is expected to be launched on mobile phones in 2023 or 2024.

But based on this news, there is no official response, and we don’t know whether it is true or not. But just recently, OPPO has officially confirmed the news on the chip.

Just recently, OPPO announced that it will launch its first self-developed chip at OPPO’s future technology conference 2021, which is December 14. OPPO did not disclose the positioning based on this chip in advance.

However, many sources revealed that this is an NPU chip using TSMC’s 6nm process. It is reported that NPU chips are good at processing data such as images and videos, and AI operations also rely on NPU chips.

Then, based on the time node news reported by foreign media about high-end chips, OPPO’s upcoming chip this time will not be a mobile phone chip, but an NPU. However, no matter which of these two chips, OPPO may lead Xiaomi and vivo.

I just mentioned in the previous article that the self-developed chips introduced by Xiaomi and vivo are image chips. However, NPU has more obvious advantages than a simple image chip. It can not only perform intelligent analysis tasks on image processing, but also intelligently control the CPU and GPU of the mobile phone chip. To put it simply, while the NPU processor can take into account the functions of the ISP chip, it can also optimize its own mobile phone processor to release a better performance experience.

So in the layout of this chip, OPPO may lead Xiaomi and vivo. But there is a truth to be said, compared to Qualcomm, Apple and Huawei, OPPO still has a long way to go. We must know that now Huawei, Qualcomm, etc. have concentrated NPU into the SoC of mobile phones. This shows that to stand in the same competitive position with them, OPPO still needs to catch up.

And whether Qualcomm will give OPPO this chance to catch up is still a question. Because before Qualcomm has released “ruthless talk”-domestic mobile phone manufacturers want to develop their own technologies, then Qualcomm will soon introduce new technologies to replace them. It is not difficult to see that Qualcomm’s abacus is very simple and requires everyone to have a strong dependence on it.

But I personally think that Qualcomm’s abacus may fall to nowhere, and look at it, even if Qualcomm releases such “ruthless words”, OPPO has officially announced its own self-developed chip news. Then it is not difficult for us to speculate that domestic mobile phone manufacturers will continue to deploy in this area on the road in the future to consolidate their competitiveness and reduce their dependence on Qualcomm.

It’s just that this chip self-research development road has a long way to go, and we can’t rush it. In this regard, what do you think of the chip released by OPPO?

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