Fujitsu and NEC begin O-RAN interoperability testing

Fujitsu and NEC begin O-RAN interoperability testing

This initiative will be implemented as part of the “Post 5G Infrastructure Enhancement R&D Project” under the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) of Japan.

Both companies are scheduled to build a verification environment using these technologies in their respective laboratories from August of this year and will begin interoperability testing.

Leveraging this verification environment offers the potential to significantly streamline interoperability verification between base station equipment from different vendors.

Through this initiative, Fujitsu, NEC, and NEDO will accelerate the global reach of base station equipment that conforms to O-RAN specifications and contribute to stimulating growth and innovation in the open 5G market.

Fujitsu and NEC have begun developing technologies to verify base station equipment interoperability at their respective facilities in the U.S. and the U.K.. Fujitsu is conducting trials at its Open RAN laboratory hosted at Fujitsu Network Communications in the United States, while NEC is doing so at its laboratory in GgLondon,

The two companies will develop technologies to verify the interoperability of various vendors’ equipment for O-RAN fronthaul. The technologies include FHA m P-DU, test scenario extraction tools, test parameter change tools, and validation result determination tools.

Introducing these technologies into the verification environments of both companies’ laboratories, will make it possible to significantly improve the efficiency of interoperability verification for different vendors’ equipment.

Fujitsu’s lab in the U.S. and NEC’s lab in the U.K. will make it possible to implement a Conformance Test System that can perform standard tests in accordance with O-RAN specifications and to implement an End-to-End (E2E) Test System that can verify the connection from the core network to the terminal.

By incorporating the newly developed technologies into the interoperability test systems, it will be possible to efficiently conduct system-wide normality verification and performance verification under conditions that are close to the commercial environments of each country and business.


Fujitsu and NEC begin O-RAN interoperability testingFigure 1. Conformance Test System incorporating interoperability verification technologies


Fujitsu and NEC begin O-RAN interoperability testing

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