Highly integrated RF module supports automation and asset tracking

Mouser now stocks the new DWM3000 RF module from Qorvo. The highly integrated device combines a DW3110 UWB transceiver IC plus power management, ceramic UWB chip antenna, and crystal to simplify inclusion into designs such as asset tracking, navigation, logistics, and factory automation.

The RF module is IEEE 802.15.4a and IEEE 802.15.4z BPRF mode compliant and enables location of objects to a precision of 10cm. The device supports data rates of 850kbps and 6.8Mbps and gives worldwide UWB support with UWB channel 5 (6.5GHz) and channel 9 (8GHz). The module also supports ToF and TDoA location schemes, facilitating high performance in navigation and tracking applications. The compact RF module is housed in a 24-pin, 23mm x 13mm x 2.9mm package and is pin and size compatible with the DWM1000 for UWB channel 5 operation.

The module can be readily integrated with a mixture of microcontrollers, providing useful design flexibility. Hardware and software support material is offered from the company, simplifying design and development. Optimised for low power consumption and outstanding battery life, the RF module is perfect for healthcare, agriculture, and safety and security.

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