Hongmeng’s strong force, can it break the overseas monopoly of Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS?

OpenHarmony is an open source project under the OpenAtom Foundation, and is positioned as an open source distributed operating system for all scenarios.

On the basis of the traditional single-device system capabilities, OpenHarmony creatively proposes the concept of adapting to multiple terminal forms based on the same set of system capabilities. It supports running on multiple terminal devices. The first version supports running on 128K~128M devices. , welcome to join the open source community and continue to evolve together. For device developers, OpenHarmony adopts a componentized design scheme, which can be flexibly tailored according to the resource capabilities and business characteristics of the device to meet the operating system requirements of different types of terminal devices. It can run on resource-constrained devices and wearable devices at the 100K level, and can also run on relatively resource-rich devices such as 100M-level smart home cameras/driving recorders.

The domestic operating system has once again embarked on a thorny road of attack. The reporter learned on May 18 that Huawei’s self-developed Hongmeng operating system is expected to be launched in the first half of the year. More than 300 application manufacturers such as Baidu have participated in the construction of the Hongmeng ecosystem, and thousands of hardware manufacturers such as Midea have also joined it.

Although Chinese enterprises have achieved great success in the field of communications, they are still “primary students” when they turn to the field of operating systems.

Whether it’s Windows, which stands out on the computer, or the rivalry between iOS and Android in the field of mobile phones, these operating systems used by Chinese people have one thing in common – imported products.

At present, the domestic operating system represented by Hongmeng is making strong efforts again. Can this break the overseas monopoly and change the inherent pattern of the above-mentioned operating system “three-point world”?

Hongmeng’s strong force, can it break the overseas monopoly of Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS?

Seeing that Huawei’s mobile phone currently only has a 4% market share in the world, Gao Feirui’s thoughts are stuck in his throat. If it weren’t for bullying-style human interference in the market, Huawei’s mobile phone would have already reached the top in the world – before the ban was issued, Huawei’s mobile phone had briefly reached the top.

Huawei mobile phone encounter, we all know the reason. Some people are pessimistic and choose to give in, thinking that the other party is too strong, and Chinese companies have no way; some people accumulate strength in adversity and seek to break through the wall – breaking the wall means breaking the cocoon into a butterfly, turning out to be born, completely breaking the old pattern, Creating a new order means that Chinese enterprises will be reborn and will no longer suffer from slavery.

Faced with the same predicament, there are two completely different attitudes, both of which are represented by enterprises. These two companies are representative companies in the industry, and they used to go hand in hand. The negative and pessimistic one is not listed here for the time being, because it has created an image of not having a hard waist, which has made colleagues and netizens quite critical; the active and pessimistic one, we all know that it is Huawei. Although I have been sprayed a lot by trolls, here, I still want to say that Huawei represents the direction of China’s intelligent manufacturing and the backbone of Chinese enterprises. Many friends only see the cruelty of political struggle and the environment, and ignore the economic field. The war in the field of science and technology, the economic field without gunpowder is as important as the war in the field of science and technology, and it is a strong backing and an important part of the political struggle.

As we all know, Huawei defines Hongmeng as a future-oriented, all-scenario-oriented distributed operating system. The source said that since the application for the Beta version of Hongmeng OS 2.0 developers was opened, more than 300,000 ordinary consumers have been upgraded by Hongmeng.

Huawei officially stated that at least 300 million devices will be equipped with the Hongmeng system this year. The person said that the current use of Hongmeng is concentrated on smart watches and large screens, and it is also being popularized in the fields of home, health, travel, office, entertainment, and education. At this stage, Huawei mainly focuses on the consumer Internet, and in the next step, there is also a strategy to expand Hongmeng to the industrial Internet.

Up to now, the Hongmeng OS ecosystem has developed more than 1,000 smart hardware partners and more than 50 module and chip solution partners, including home furnishing, travel, education, office, sports health, government and enterprise, audio-visual entertainment, etc. partners in the field.

According to Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s Hongmeng operating system will take the following measures in 2021: the Hongmeng official website, forums, communities, public accounts, etc. will be fully launched; strengthen innovative cooperation with ecological partners, create a full-scene experience benchmark, and work with partners to build new The source code is fully open source, covering mobile phones, tablets, cars, smart screens and various IoT devices; Support capable companies to launch OpenHarmony distribution; comprehensive technology open, application-oriented application framework, API interface, compiler , tool platform, device-oriented SDK, development boards/modules, tools, etc.; open Huawei offline channel capabilities and VMALL Huawei online store to accelerate product promotion of ecological partners; open Hongmeng training platform, standard courses, and build a unified The talent certification system promotes Hongmeng’s technical ability to enter the campus.

Users have high expectations for Huawei’s Hongmeng OS operating system, and they all hope to experience Hongmeng in the first time. Because this is a real domestic operating system, it has successfully broken the monopoly of American companies on mobile phone operating systems.

Of course, the development of an operating system is inseparable from the support of users. Huawei has made achievements in the research and development of Hongmeng OS, and has already started two rounds of public testing. More and more models are included in the public beta. The first round of public beta is mainly for users of the Mate series and P series, and the models that are open for public beta are high-end flagship products.

Since the release of the first-generation version of Hongmeng OS, the controversy surrounding Hongmeng has not stopped. Some people do not understand what Hongmeng is, and Huawei has repeatedly stated that Hongmeng is a distributed operating system, which can be used for multi-device terminal adaptation.

Huawei Hongmeng 2.0 system is a brand new smartphone operating system. At present, Huawei has pushed the Hongmeng 2.0 system developer beta upgrade update to many Huawei smartphones. I wonder if your Huawei mobile phone has been upgraded to the Hongmeng 2.0 system developer test. Version.

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