INVT electric micro-face drive control solution helps logistics, you don’t have to worry about express delivery

In 2021, the volume of express delivery business will continue to increase. The State Post Bureau released real-time monitoring data showing that as of March 24, the volume of express delivery business in my country has exceeded 20 billion pieces, close to the level of 2015, and the average daily business volume has exceeded 240 million pieces.

At the same time, affected by the epidemic in 2020, community group buying that relies on the development of Internet technology has re-emerged, and there are continuous influx of giants.

The continuous improvement of the domestic express logistics market, superimposed on the hot community group purchase consumption model, micro-face models as a tool to solve the “last mile”, relying on the right of way of new energy vehicles, extremely low use costs, community roads and garages Passability , good control performance and other advantages.

As a well-known domestic manufacturer of electric drive system components for new energy vehicles, INVT has been deeply involved in the micro-face market for a long time, and continues to introduce optimal solutions according to market changes. The electrification of the surface will help the rapid development of express logistics and community group buying. The main application customers and models are:

1. Reach New Energy EC35II and EC31 micro-face micro truck models are equipped with INVT high-efficiency main drive motor controller MCU, the sales champion in the new energy micro-face market for three consecutive years

2. The well-known traditional car company Dongfeng Yufeng EM26 and EM19 micro-face models are equipped with INVT’s VCU + main drive motor controller MCU + three-in-one auxiliary motor controller

3. INVT three-in-one auxiliary motor controller for Wuling Industrial EV50 micro-face model, a well-known micro-commercial vehicle enterprise at home and abroad

4. The well-known independent brand car company Geely Long-distance E5L and E6 micro-face Hiace models are equipped with INVT three-in-one auxiliary drive motor controller

5. New energy vehicle operators use INVT’s VCU + main drive three-in-one motor controller for the subway micro-surface models

INVT electric micro-face drive control solution helps logistics, you don’t have to worry about express delivery

INVT provides a full range of competitive Electronic control products and solutions for many micro face customers. The cumulative loading volume of the following three system solutions is not less than 10,000 units, which have been fully verified by the market. Main advantages:

1. Flexible configuration.Single machine and all-in-one can be realized to meet the requirements of various technical solutions of customers

2. High reliability.After large-scale, long-term, and complex road conditions, the failure rate is around 1,000 PPM.

3. High efficiency. The power conversion efficiency reaches more than 98%, ensuring a long cruising range.

4. High protection. All products meet IP67 requirements and can adapt to complex road conditions.

Solution 1. VCU + main control unit (MCU) + high voltage distribution box PDU + DC/DC converter

Scheme 2, VCU + main control stand-alone (MCU) + auxiliary control three-in-one (DC/DC, OBC, PDU)

Option 3, VCU + main control three-in-one (MCU, DC/DC, PDU) + OBC

Relying on the long-term technology accumulation and application accumulation in the micro-facet market, INVT will successively launch products with high integration, low weight, high efficiency and obvious cost advantages in 2021, such as VCU+MCU integrated main control products, MCU+DCDC+OBC+ PDU main control four-in-one integrated product, IGBT single-tube main control single machine, etc., please look forward to it.

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