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IRIR4302100Wx2-channel Class D Audio Power Amplifier Solution

/a>/a>Amplifier” title=”Amplifier”>Amplifiers, Game Controllers, Speaker Systems and General Purpose Audio Power Amplifiers. This article introduces the IR4302 main features, functional block diagram, typical application circuit and 100W/4 ohm x using IR4302 2-channel class D audio power amplifier main features, circuit diagram, bill of materials and PCB layout.

The IR4302, IR4312 integrates 2 channel PWM controller and digital audio MOSFETs forming a high performance Class D audio amplifier. As a result of fully optimized MOSFETs co-packed with a dedicated controller IC, the IR4302, IR4312 operates without mechanical heatsink attached in a typical heatsink music playback usage. High voltage ratings and noise immunity in the controller IC ensures reliable operation over various environmental conditions. A small 7×7 mm PQFN package enhances the benefit of smaller size of Class D topology. The IR4302, IR4312 are a lead-free , ROHS compliant.

IR4302 main features:

 2 channel integrated analog input Class D audio amplifier in a small 7 x 7 mm PQFN44 package

 No mechanical heat sink required

 High peak music power output

 Split or single power supply

 Differential or single-ended input

 Over-current, over-temperature and under voltage protections with self-reset feature

 Start/stop click noise reduction

 Clip and Fault reporting outputs

 High noise immunity

 RoHS compliant

Typical applications of IR4302:

 Home theatre systems

 Docking station audio systems

 PC audio systems

 Musical instruments

 Karaoke amplifiers

 Game consoles

 Powered speaker systems

 General purpose audio power amplifiers
IRIR4302100Wx2-channel Class D Audio Power Amplifier Solution
Figure 1. IR4302 functional block diagram

Figure 2. IR4302 Inverting Amplifier Connection Diagram

Figure 3. IR4302 Differential Amplifier Connection Diagram

Figure 4. IR4302 Single Supply Connection Diagram (Inverting Amplifier)

100W/4ohm x 2ch Class D Audio Power Amplifier with IR4302

Figure 5. 100W/4ohm x 2ch Class D Audio Power Amplifier IRAUDAMP17 Outline Drawing

The IRAUDAMP17 reference design is a two-channel, 100W/ch (4 Ω/52V Bus voltage) half-bridge Class D audio power amplifier with single power supply. This reference design demonstrates how to use the IR4302 IC with single power supply, implement protection circuits, and design an optimum PCB layout using PowIRaudio integrated Class D IC. This reference design does not require additional heatsink or fan cooling for normal operation (one-eighth of continuous rated power).The reference design provides all the required housekeeping power supplies for ease of use. The twochannel design is scalable for power and the number of channels.

IRAUDAMP17 main features:

Output Power: 100W x 2 channels (10%THD+N 4Ω load; with heatsink),

60W x 2 channels (10%THD+N 4Ω load; no heatsink),

Multiple Protection Features: Over-current protection (OCP), high side and low side

Over-voltage protection (OVP),

Under-voltage protection (UVP), high side and low side

Over-temperature protection (OTP)

PWM Modulator: Self-oscillating half-bridge topology

IRAUDAMP17 application:

 AV receivers

 Home theater systems

 Mini component stereos

 Powered speakers

 Sub-woofers

 Musical Instrument amplifiers

 Car audio amplifiers

IRAUDAMP17 main indicators:

Figure 6. IRAUDAMP17 circuit diagram

IRAUDAMP17 Bill of Materials:

Figure 7. IRAUDAMP17 PCB Layout: Top Layer

Figure 8. IRAUDAMP17 PCB Layout: Bottom Layer
For details, see:

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