NI Helps Engineers Dramatically Reduce RF Test Time for 5G OTA Verification

September 30, 2019 – National Instruments (NI), a provider of software-defined platforms that help accelerate the development and performance improvement of automated test and automated measurement systems, today announced The hardware-accelerated 5G mmWave OTA verification test reference architecture enables comprehensive characterization and verification of 5G mmWave beamforming AiP devices.

Compared to traditional point-to-point software-controlled test systems, NI’s mmWave OTA verification test reference architecture can quickly scan the OTA space in the 24 GHz to 44 GHz 5G mmWave frequency band, helping users significantly reduce OTA RF verification test time for AiP devices . This new reference architecture enables characterization and verification engineers working on the latest 5G AiP devices to study the beamforming performance of their devices with wider, more complex 5G NR signals while reducing development cycles. NI’s fast OTA test methodology helps engineers use denser spatial grids and achieve finer 3D spatial resolution while maintaining short test times. In addition, with NI’s mmWave OTA verification test software, verification engineers can quickly configure these spatial scans to analyze the antenna pattern characteristics of their devices while generating, visualizing, storing, or publishing detailed parametric results.

“The 5G mmWave semiconductor industry is growing rapidly, and test systems need to be ready for the new 5G beamforming equipment,” said Alastair Upton, chief strategy officer at Anokiwave. “Engineers will need fast, accurate, and affordable tools to measure and ensure device performance. beamforming capabilities so that next-generation millimeter-wave semiconductors can realize their full potential globally.”

NI’s mmWave OTA verification test reference architecture consists of the following components:

• NI mmWave VST for generating and measuring wideband RF signals

• PXI instruments for repeatable and precise motion control

• Isolated anechoic chamber for true far-field radiation testing in a quiet environment

• mmWave OTA verification test software for interactive use and automation

The release of the mmWave OTA Verification Test Reference Architecture is the latest culmination of NI’s ongoing commitment to expanding the test coverage of 5G mmWave devices while helping users reduce test costs and time to market. This solution complements NI’s portfolio of modular instrumentation and measurement software to characterize and validate the latest 5G RFIC devices from Sub-6 GHz to mmWave.

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