Qorvo supports Wi-Fi Alliance expansion into 6 GHz spectrum with Wi-Fi 6E

BEIJING, China, February 27, 2020 – Qorvo (NASDAQ: QRVO), a leading provider of RF solutions for mobile applications, infrastructure and aerospace and defense applications, today announced that it will power the Wi-Fi Alliance Advance the discussion and implementation of Wi-Fi 6E, which includes the expansion of Wi-Fi 6 to 6 GHz spectrum, and follow-up initiatives to meet the growing global demand for high-performance indoor connectivity. Qorvo will continue to innovate technology to help customers realize all the benefits of this spectrum expansion.

As a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, Qorvo has a long history of solving Wi-Fi RF challenges, providing unique power supplies, filters and front-end products in small form factors with the highest levels of integration, performance and efficiency. Not only that, but Qorvo is a leader in product design, ensuring that multiple industry protocols run in parallel to facilitate wider and faster adoption of Wi-Fi systems. These solutions optimize wireless network performance, range and capacity in home environments as well as in offices, gyms and conference centers.

Cees Links, general manager of Qorvo’s Wireless Connectivity Business Unit and founding member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, said: “Qorvo fully supports the Wi-Fi Alliance and all its efforts to simplify and enable the 6 GHz spectrum. Products from the entire wireless connectivity ecosystem help pioneer the next generation of Wi-Fi, enabling new use cases for faster bandwidth, additional high-capacity channels and dedicated high-capacity backhaul.”

The Qorvo Wireless Connectivity (WCON) business unit is a leading developer of wireless semiconductor system solutions for interconnecting devices that support Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Thread and Bluetooth Low Energy. WCON provides an integrated Wi-Fi front-end, as well as a comprehensive range of technologically advanced RF chips and software to facilitate the development of the Internet of Things.

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