Shut down the second batch of 10 illegal social organization websites in 2021 according to law

Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Central Cyberspace Administration of China have thoroughly implemented the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee, continued to exert efforts and targeted strikes, shut down the second batch of 10 illegal social organization websites and their new media accounts in 2021, and removed relevant related webpages. .

In order to further consolidate the achievements of offline efforts to crack down on and rectify illegal social organizations, eradicate the foundation of illegal social organizations’ online activities, form a closed loop of offline and online governance, and create a clear cyberspace, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, in conjunction with relevant departments, is based on the Cybersecurity Law of the People’s Republic of China. The Internet Information Service Management Measures and other relevant laws and regulations have been divided into four batches in the early stage, and 65 illegal social organization websites and their WeChat, Weibo and other new media accounts have been shut down.

The closure involves 10 illegal social organizations that have been banned, including the China Lei Feng Foundation, the National Xing Clan Association, the Chinese Cheongsam Museum, the China Internet Calligraphy Alliance, and the China Newspaper Business Association.

In the next step, the Ministry of Civil Affairs will follow the spirit of the teleconference on further cracking down and rectifying illegal social organizations jointly held by 18 ministries and commissions, to tackle both prevention and treatment of both the symptoms and root causes, further promote special operations, continue to maintain a high-pressure crackdown situation, strengthen network monitoring and investigation, and go offline. We will investigate and deal with them at the same time, and resolutely eradicate the breeding ground for illegal social organizations. For the sponsors of illegal social organizations who are of a vile nature and persist after repeated teachings, they will also be submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to be included in the blacklist of illegal Internet sites (sponsors) in accordance with the law.

All sectors of society are welcome to log on to the Chinese Social Organization Government Affairs Service Platform (, and provide information on suspected illegal social organization activities, key leaders and key personnel through the “Complaints and Reports” column.

In addition, the relevant institutions and the public are reminded once again that when cooperating with social organizations or participating in their activities, they must pay attention to verifying their identities. The registration information of 900,000 social organizations across the country can be inquired online through channels such as the China Social Organization Government Affairs Service Platform ( and the China Social Organization Dynamic Government Affairs WeChat (WeChat: chinanpogov).

Attachment: List of 10 illegal social organizations whose websites will be shut down in the second batch in 2021

1. China Lei Feng Foundation

2. National Xing Clan Association

3. Chinese Cheongsam Museum

4. China Internet Calligraphy Union

5. China Newspaper Association

6. Frontier Trade Painting and Calligraphy Institute of China World Trade Research Institute

7. National Federation of Commercial Vehicle Parts Production and Marketing

8. Sichuan Yili Culture Protection Alliance

9. Guangdong Branch of China I Ching Philosophers Association

10. Shandong Branch of Asia-Pacific Space Designers Union

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