Survey: China’s 6G patent applications account for 40.3%, ranking first in the world

According to news from the Nikkei Asian Review on the 16th, China is working to improve the capabilities of the sixth-generation mobile communication technology (6G). From the perspective of the number of 6G patent applications, China ranks first in the world with a proportion of 40.3%.


Screenshot of the Nikkei Asian Review report

The Nikkei Asian Review cooperated with the Tokyo Research Corporation Network Innovation Research Institute to investigate about 20,000 patent applications for 9 core 6G technologies, including communications, quantum technology, base stations, and artificial intelligence. The survey results showed that China topped the list with 40.3% of 6G patent applications, followed by the United States with 35.2%, Japan ranked third with 9.9%, followed by Europe with 8.9% and South Korea with 4.2%. The report mentioned that countries (regions) with more patent applications tend to lead in advanced technology and have a greater say in industry standards.

According to the report, most of China’s patent applications are related to mobile infrastructure technology, and many of the latest patents are filed by Huawei. Chinese state-owned enterprises such as State Grid and China Aerospace are also holders of many 6G patents. “In addition to Huawei, other companies are also obtaining 6G patents, which shows that China’s technological development is improving.” said the director of the Network Innovation Institute.

The report also stated that China’s 6G development was “predicted to slow down” due to the Trump administration’s suppression of Huawei in 2019, but China “maintained its competitiveness” by mobilizing the power of state-owned enterprises and universities. Some experts once believed that the US ban would make it difficult for Chinese companies to build next-generation base stations or make cutting-edge smartphones, but the main research led by the Chinese government has not lost momentum.

The report finally mentioned that China and the United States are not the only countries vying for 6G hegemony. Sweden’s Ericsson and Finland’s University of Oulu have previously published 6G white papers. The European Union has played a key role in promoting standardization, including the establishment of a research group by the European Telecommunications Standards Association; South Korea’s Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have also established 6G development centers. , The government is funding development work.

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