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The Future of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Start Menu: The Death of Live Tiles

IT House March 6 news IT House has previously reported that Microsoft is considering a new Windows 10 Start menu layout that would hide static icons in “live tiles”. Are Live Tiles dead? Not yet, but Microsoft is exploring a new Start menu without Live Tiles. what about this? It’s worth exploring.

The Future of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Start Menu: The Death of Live Tiles

Netizens may know very well that live tiles are interactive icons that Display information at a glance without having to open the application on the Start menu. For example, the Weather app will Display the weather forecast, and you can customize the tiles by repositioning them, as well as adjust the size of those tiles.

Microsoft first introduced live tiles in the Windows Phone 7 operating system and added live tiles to the Windows 8 desktop.

Microsoft’s Windows 8, which was heavily criticized for its tablet-oriented experience, has been replaced by Windows 10, but the Start menu with live tiles remains.

Microsoft has been ignoring Live Tiles in Windows 10, and people familiar with the development have suggested that Microsoft should no longer use Live Tiles. According to one of the old internal docs, not many users use custom Start menu tile layouts.

In February, anonymous sources revealed that Microsoft may start replacing live tiles with static icons in Windows 10 20H2 or a future update.

That means we could see Windows 10X available for consumers sometime in 2021, with a start menu without Live Tiles.

IT House has learned that in the Windows Insider podcast, Microsoft showed a new Start menu with more attractive visual effect tiles, which are more unified but do not display real-time information.

While Microsoft says there are no current plans to remove Live Tiles entirely, the new Start menu seems to hint at at least replacing first-party apps with static icons in the future.

Microsoft says you’ll be able to use live tiles, and developers can use it in their apps as well. Live tiles are not yet out, but a future without live tiles is being considered, and changes could be determined based on feedback from Windows 10X, which has a Start menu or a launcher without traditional tiles.

With the evolution of Windows 10 and Fluent Design, and Microsoft’s assessment of Windows 10X feedback, Live Tile UI may eventually disappear.

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