The shortage of cyber security talents will intensify in the future industry challenges

Sina Technology News on the morning of June 21st, at the Rebuild 2020 Technology All-Star Summit jointly held by Geek Park and Bilibili, the chairman and CEO of 360 gave his understanding of the new infrastructure in the dialogue.

In Zhou Hongyi’s view, the old infrastructure may be a lot of cement, physical infrastructure, high-speed rail, and highways, which have brought great progress to China. The core of the new infrastructure is digital infrastructure, using today’s relatively mature Internet of Things and sensor technology to digitize the entire city, government governance, factory operation, and the process of any industry in the world, and transfer all the digitization to the cloud, in the cloud A central big data center will be formed, so big data will become the core of the new infrastructure.

Zhou Hongyi said that it is still the consumer Internet at present, but five years from now, there may be tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of smart devices in China to fully connect the world to the Internet. “Without the protection of network security, doing these digitizations is streaking, so the only way to solve the design of network security is to ensure that my safety is guaranteed when I use these new technologies.”

In addition, when talking about the white hat hacker group in China, Zhou Hongyi said that this group has at least more than 1 million people. However, this number is still not enough. In the future, if China faces an increasingly complex international environment, cyber attacks may become more normalized and more intense. Zhou Hongyi believes that at present, our country has a huge gap in cybersecurity talents.

“The challenges of cybersecurity in the future have not decreased with the advancement of our technology. With the development of national technology, the role and role played by cybersecurity in it will only increase, but the pressure on our industry will continue to increase. And the challenges will also get bigger and bigger.” Zhou Hongyi mentioned. (Xuemei)

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