Thick film chip resistors reduce component counts and PCB size

Vishay Intertechnology offers a new series of AEC-Q200 qualified high voltage thick film chip resistors. Providing working voltages to 3000V, stability of 1%, and power ratings up to 1W, the Vishay Techno CRHA series is offered in five compact case sizes ranging from 1206 to 2512.

With their high voltage handling capability — coupled with better accuracy and stability than many standard thick film chip resistors — the Automotive Grade devices allow designers to decrease component counts, placement costs, and pcb size.

The resistors provide a wide resistance range from 2MOhm to 500MOhm, tolerances down to ± 1%, and temperature coefficients of ±100ppm/C. These specifications make the devices excellent for battery management and voltage monitoring, division, and regulation in power inverters and high voltage power supplies for industrial, automotive, and medical applications.

This series of resistors provides solder-coated nickel barrier terminations in a three-sided wraparound configuration. The devices are RoHS-compliant with exemption, and halogen-free.

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