Want to enter the blue ocean of toB from telecommuting?it can, you may not

Editor’s note: There are already hundreds of to B SaaS collaborative services in the market. Why do you still need HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink? The digital transformation needs of large government and enterprises are accelerating. Who will meet them and how?

Want to enter the blue ocean of toB from telecommuting?it can, you may not

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On the second day after the four words “remote office” appeared, there were no less than 100 cloud service providers across the country, announcing that the products are free for enterprises and employees, teachers and students during this special period.

This also includes HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink, which focuses on the digital transformation of government and enterprises. We have also experienced this wave of exaggerated growth in collaborative traffic. In the days after the Spring Festival, the number of newly registered companies on HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink has increased by 50% every day. The number of daily meetings increased by 100%; during the Spring Festival, hundreds of thousands of new enterprises were added, the number of new daily active users exceeded 1 million, and business traffic increased by 50 times.

But there are two other groups that are rarely noticed. The employees of the government, enterprises and institutions, the doctors and professors of the hospital, in this special period, also need to “please take care”. Organizations such as government departments, enterprises and institutions need to carry out a lot of communication and cooperation, but how to minimize the gathering of staff and reduce face-to-face communication without affecting the efficiency of emergency command and dispatch of epidemic prevention and control has become a pain point and demand for the two groups.

There are already hundreds of to B SaaS collaborative services in the market, why do you still need HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink?

Overnight, all cloud service providers seem to have provoked the role of remote collaborative office. In fact, since Huawei Cloud WeLink was born in 2017, it has made numerous internal iterations in the attempt to efficiently collaborate in office work. Like Huawei, it has 190,000 employees worldwide, spanning 170 countries, 7 languages, and 1,028 offices. The company organization, efficient collaborative office is not only a rigid need, but also requires us to become a collaboration master, and further feedback our large organizational collaboration experience into the product and deliver it to other enterprises and users.

But at the same time, we are also thinking, if everyone just needs a collaborative software, there are countless options available on the market, and we have no intention of arguing about who is the most perfect collaborative office platform. Because large-scale government and enterprise only need collaborative connection, in other words, team connection is only a requirement of digital organization, in addition, we also need to “connect business, connect knowledge, and connect equipment”, and these four connection scenarios, Together, they endow HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink with a new positioning: the enterprise digital connector.

Of course, for end users, HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink is still an office tool and an intelligent work platform. But for two typical groups, large government enterprises and medical institutions that are in urgent need of digital transformation, HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink means more.

So what kind of digital transformation needs do they have?

The digital transformation needs of large government and enterprises are accelerating. Who will meet them and how?

In this wave of epidemics, we have actually seen some highly anticipated changes, that is, through the digitization of office collaboration, enterprises will gradually lead to the digital transformation of their own production systems. This may be a bit abstract, so let’s illustrate it with some concrete examples.

We have seen that some medical institutions, including the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, are not only looking for tools and platforms for remote video services, but they also seem to see new challenges and new requirements for the next-generation doctor-patient supply and demand reform, that is, how to The video service capability is combined with the remote diagnosis and treatment system to extend the medical service capability to patients and to lower-level hospitals; the Dongguan Health and Health Commission is actively practicing, connecting WeLink with the IOC command system, and extending the medical command capability from the fixed office location to the hospital. The evolution of more mobile venues will support more flexible and demanding emergency medical practice services in the future, not only during special epidemic periods.

Chinasoft International integrates more than 30 applications of the enterprise into WeLink, improves the office efficiency of employees through a unified portal, and mobilizes the enthusiasm of more than 20,000 software developers to learn anytime and anywhere and improve their skills through knowledge management; Nobel Tiles, using WeLink’s Intelligent translation capabilities ensure smooth and error-free communication between employees and overseas customers, so that overseas business is not affected by communication or cultural aspects…

If we probe further, we can say:

The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University has greatly expanded the boundaries of medical resources and patient services through HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink, allowing businesses to connect accordingly;

Dongguan Health and Health Commission, through Huawei Cloud WeLink, drives the internal coordination of the organization in place, and the service capabilities are cloud-based and mobile, allowing teams to connect accordingly;

Chinasoft International unifies dozens of internally fragmented applications into a portal for employees to use, so knowledge is connected…

You see, the digitization of tools is not to strengthen the control of people, but to strengthen the support of people. So it has three processes “join objects, join rules and join processes”, objects such as employees, customers and patients, rules such as services, capabilities and applications, processes such as contracts, meeting rooms and medical equipment operations, etc., as long as they can be connected All are objects, all of which can be digitized through HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink, which in turn drives and empowers internal organizations again.

And each different government and enterprise organization has different internal coordination objects, rules and processes, and external business requirements, service objects and processes. This is usually not what a standardized SaaS solution can handle. From this perspective For example, cloud services for government and enterprises must be handed over to those manufacturers who have truly served the government and enterprises for many years and understand the internal management concepts, management processes, and management experience reflected in the needs of government and enterprises. The company has existing processes, and upgrades the management process through digitalization and intelligence to improve customer efficiency.

Looking at the entire market, HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink is one of the few representative manufacturers that can meet the needs of government and enterprise cloud services. What needs? We can feel that in the field of data security alone, the security solutions invested by HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink:

All-round Credibility: Based on the requirements of international customers, Huawei has long established a credible corporate culture. On the basis of the trusted culture, HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink also builds the security and credibility of the R&D and production process in terms of tools and traceability of the development process. It is precisely because of the security and trustworthiness of this organizational dimension that HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink has obtained more than 50 security authority certifications, including the Ministry of Public Security’s third-level security, CSA gold certification, and the highest ISO and Android Green Alliance certifications;

Chip-level encryption: Huawei mobile phone Kirin chip encryption + national secret algorithm, exclusive in the industry;

SSL VPN: Comes with software-based exclusive VPN security service, no need to buy expensive hardware VPN;

Security sandbox: Security sandbox, enterprise data is not applied;

Security document: Signaling and media plane encryption algorithm based on Huawei’s unique patented technology, unique digital watermark protection mode, anti-copy;

Data security: Huawei WeLink is deployed in the cloud strictly according to enterprise tenants. One enterprise has one tenant, and users belong to the enterprise tenant. The data and information of this enterprise tenant are naturally isolated in structure, ensuring that information will not affect or leak each other.

Every safeguard comes from the real needs of customers. It can be seen from these security assurance strategies that, unlike other cloud service platforms that start with social products, Huawei’s government-enterprise genes determine its product design concept from the B-side. “HUAWEI CLOUD services are based on an enterprise. There are enterprises and individuals. Even if the same person is in different companies, they are two different individuals. The advantage of this design concept to HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink is that we can Isolate data to ensure the data security of the entire enterprise. At the same time, the enterprise-centric design can ensure that the business continuity and experience of key enterprises are continuously guaranteed.” said Xue Hao, Vice President of Huawei Cloud and President of the Connection and Collaboration Business.

The criticality of government and enterprise cloud services makes qualified supply solutions scarce on the market. HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink’s solution has filled the gap in the government and enterprise cloud service market and brought sufficient benefits to government enterprises and medical institutions under the epidemic. cloud imagination space. But this is just the beginning.

Remote work is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity for transformation and upgrading

In the past few decades, many companies have relied on demographic dividends to lead the industry. But with the demographic dividend disappearing, smarter companies are already looking for solutions to this new collaborative and operational environment. This actually creates a kind of “tool dividend”, and the selection of collaboration tools will directly affect the collaboration effectiveness of each enterprise. Habits of collaboration need to be re-established, and habits are deeply influenced by company culture.

It is foreseeable that in the next 2-3 months, the combination of remote + offline reunion will become the first choice for many enterprises. If it is 2-3 weeks, we may just find a software for meetings, but for a 2-3 month cycle, we need to consider all aspects of business processes and communication culture.

There are too many collaborative SaaS software on the market, but there are few intelligent office platforms for large-scale professional organizations such as government and enterprises.

Like the scattered data and collaboration systems in most enterprises, the problem faced by government, enterprise and public sector departments for a long time is that due to the internal chimney architecture (hardware, operating system, software, cloud), various businesses are not connected with each other, and the The direct consequence of this is the isolated island of information and the black hole of collaboration. Data cannot be effectively connected and utilized, and it will even affect customer orders and services.

HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink fully considers this scenario and pain points, focusing on the[connection]feature, and empowers new AI capabilities to give new solutions. Take the above “work debt” as an example:

HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink first supports full participation and collaboration from the “order of magnitude”, supports up to 1,000 parties simultaneous conferences, 4K data collaboration and other industry-leading professional conference management and conference control capabilities, and also supports 1080p collaboration under low bandwidth, eliminating stuttering, Unfriendly experience such as delay; at the same time, the free call time limit is also liberally released. Compared with the 40-minute limit of Zoom three-party conference, Huawei Cloud WeLink directly supports 100 parties for free and unlimited time;

Secondly, in the face of data scattered in various parts of the enterprise, HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink can help you extract the information you want from massive data in the form of small and micro assistants by integrating global AI big data capabilities. This information data interaction method has been widely adopted by the world’s top CRM system Salesforce’s Einstein platform to integrate data within the enterprise and mine collaborative value from it. Sometimes, our willingness to work is not entirely determined by the workload, but by the way we do it. If we can find the customer we want to contact, the information or email we want to find, or the Compared with consumer-level Siri or Google Assistant, a file or keyword in a certain network disk brings convenience to life. The AI ​​voice assistant provided by HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink greatly expands the boundaries of enterprise-level collaboration. Under this, such AI capabilities will be amplified to the extreme, bringing endless imagination.


For government, enterprise and medical institutions, the reason why the pace of digital transformation is very cautious is that their business is mainly mission-critical and cannot accept offline and unreliable services. Therefore, when they choose digital transformation service solutions and suppliers, they will pay more attention to whether the other party has enough experience in the field of service to B, and whether they have enough digital transformation best practices that are worth learning from.

From this perspective, Huawei, which has been established for more than 30 years, has been cultivating the to B market for a long time, and has a large business span and long-term digital transformation exploration and success, is undoubtedly more meaningful for reference and demonstration. As the digital connector of Huawei’s own internal business, Huawei Cloud WeLink, its external commercial use is also the output and empowerment of Huawei’s own capabilities and experience to customers and partners. In the process of anti-epidemic and disaster relief, HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink continues to empower organizations from all walks of life and drive the stable collaboration between government, enterprises and medical institutions. It has become a convincing case.

In the long run, HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink is not only to properly cope with the service challenges during this special epidemic, but also to effectively drive the digital transformation of large government enterprises in the foreseeable future.

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