What is CNC precision metal processing, and what is the process of CNC precision metal processing

What is CNC precision metal processing, and what is the process of CNC precision metal processing?

There are various hardware products in our lives. For this kind of products, the main use of precision is to take a look at the technical content of this kind of products. Therefore, this CNC precision metal processing will be applied to some industries such as electronics, clocks, and aviation.

What is CNC precision metal processing

Before we understand CNC precision hardware processing, we need to know what precision hardware is. Precision hardware is relative to ordinary hardware products. Precision hardware refers to hardware products with high-precision requirements. The biggest feature is accuracy, that is, the tolerance must be within 0.05mm.


CNC precision metal processing, as the name suggests, is the processing and production of precision metal products. Generally speaking, precision metal processing is mainly processing and manufacturing some parts or accessories with an accuracy of less than 0.05mm. Mainly include precision plastic hardware, precision stamping hardware, precision turning hardware, etc.


The processing process of CNC precision metal processing is as follows:

CNC precision metal processing is a production process that requires high parts precision. In the processing and production process of precision hardware, the precision must be strictly controlled to ensure that qualified hardware is obtained. So, what is the technological process of precision hardware processing? Specifically, there are the following steps:


1: Familiar with processing equipment and hardware drawings.

In order to be able to process the required precision hardware, you must carefully check the hardware drawings and be familiar with the shape and size of the required precision hardware before processing and manufacturing the precision hardware. In addition, we also need to be familiar with hardware production equipment.


Two: Cut according to the hardware that needs to be processed.

Cutting is cutting, which refers to the selection of hardware materials of appropriate specifications according to the size and processing technology of the hardware to be processed


Three: Processing CNC precision metal processing.

CNC precision metal processing is to put good materials into the processing equipment, and process the raw materials according to the CNC precision metal processing dimensions.


Four: Surface treatment of hardware.

The surface treatment of hardware is polishing, polishing and spraying CNC precision metal processing surface.

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