ZTE GoTa Transportation Industry Application Solution

I. Overview

In China, the speed of road construction is far from keeping up with the growth rate of vehicles. Urban traffic congestion, frequent traffic accidents, overloaded vehicles, and deteriorating traffic environment are major problems faced by the transportation industry. requirements and challenges. In addition to increasing investment in road infrastructure construction, it is also necessary to improve the level of traffic management. Therefore, how to ensure “orderly, safe and smooth road traffic” is the main work goal of the transportation department.

At this stage, due to the lack of wireless frequency resources and the government’s restrictions on communication investment in the transportation industry, in addition to the traffic police being able to be equipped with special walkie-talkies, it is difficult for other departments to be equipped, such as the Traffic Administration Law Enforcement Brigade, Transportation Management Bureau, Highway Administration Bureau, Highway Bureau, etc. When carrying out law enforcement, the transportation management department generally can only use telephone and one-to-one communication. When faced with some large-scale administrative law enforcement activities such as the Spring Festival Transportation, it exposes drawbacks such as low efficiency. When the transportation management and other departments need to link with other road administration law enforcement units, they can only communicate through telephone or multiple walkie-talkies, which greatly affects the communication efficiency of traffic management.

The GoTa transportation industry application solution provides a communication solution that integrates multiple services such as trunking intercom, voice telephony, positioning, and multimedia. By introducing the GoTa cluster dispatch and command system within the traffic law enforcement department, it can effectively solve the problems of communication difficulties and inability for traffic law enforcement officers to communicate in the daily work management process. On the other hand, through the unified GoTa command platform, different traffic law enforcement departments are organically combined, which greatly improves the efficiency of coordination and unified command of various traffic law enforcement departments, thereby effectively improving the level of urban traffic management and reducing the cost of traffic law enforcement.

2. Solution Highlights

2.1 Vertical Hierarchical Management

The GoTa transportation industry application platform can provide a relatively independent command and dispatch system for each administrative unit, and provide a digital trunking intercom communication system that integrates various services such as trunking intercom, voice telephony, positioning, SMS and data transmission. Within a unit, the administrative structure of the unit can be divided into corresponding hierarchical groups, and hierarchical management can be carried out, so as to realize the rapid issuance of instructions and improve the communication efficiency.

During traffic law enforcement, law enforcement officers can immediately initiate a one-to-many group call by pressing the PTT key without dialing, and other group members can immediately hear the caller’s voice without picking up the phone to answer the call. Collaborative instructions between groups reach all group members instantly, saving time and increasing the speed of law enforcement’s response. During the scheduling process, department leaders can also use their high member priority feature to gain the right to speak at any time, and send instructions to relevant personnel in real time.

In terms of professional trunking business functions, GoTa digital trunking system not only provides users with basic single call, group call and emergency call, but also provides priority, dynamic reorganization, user status query, forced insertion and forced removal, careful monitoring, etc. Advanced cluster business functions, so as to fully meet the needs of various complex scheduling work in the transportation industry.

In addition to the cluster intercom function, the GoTa mobile phone also provides various services such as voice calls, text messages, photos, recordings, wireless Internet access, and GPS positioning. Law enforcement officers can upload photos of the law enforcement scene to the dispatch management center, which is convenient for proof. , and also improves the control of the dispatching management center on the on-site information.

2.2 Horizontal departmental linkage

The GoTa transportation industry application platform also integrates the independent administrative units of the transportation industry, such as the provincial transportation department, highway bureau, transportation management bureau, road administration bureau, traffic administrative law enforcement brigade, and traffic police brigade into a unified traffic dispatching platform. Effectively integrate and form one, cooperate with each other, communicate effectively, concentrate resources, improve the work efficiency of the entire transportation industry and the collaboration ability between departments, and improve the operational efficiency of the entire transportation industry.

The command and dispatch center is at the highest level of management and has the highest authority. The command center can use professional management consoles and dispatching consoles to conduct real-time scheduling and personnel positioning for groups and members of subordinate units.

In order to improve the dispatching efficiency of law enforcement officers abroad, the GoTa digital trunking system is integrated with the positioning system, and the dispatching management center can know the location information of each law enforcement officer at any time, and can also dynamically reorganize groups and members of different departments into groups in case of emergencies. A new group to meet the work needs of direct coordination and communication between departments.

3. Customer interests

• GoTa’s transportation industry application solution can not only realize horizontal scheduling of multi-department linkage and cooperation, but also realize hierarchical management and vertical management of provincial linkage, making work safer and more orderly;

• Professional dispatch management center to provide strong support for traffic safety management;

• Powerful business functions and member priority settings ensure the effective delivery of orders and greatly improve the efficiency of traffic work;

• Low network construction and maintenance costs, providing a unified scheduling platform and sharing resources;

• Combining peace and war, saving social resources on the basis of meeting work demands.

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